AttackFlow Enterprise Edition

Installation Guideline & Tips

Enterprise Edition is the standalone desktop solution of AttackFlow, where security auditing of target source code is easy, directing and fast.

After grabbing your copy of online application installation file and license key, it's a straightforward flow to install and start to use Enterprise Edition immediately. So before starting make sure you got the Application.consultant.application file, the licesen key and the prerequisites noted below.

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Enterprise Edition Prerequisites

# Prerequisite Status
1 Microsoft Windows 7 x64 bit and upward Required
2 Visual Studio Community Edition 2015 and upward Required for quality .NET analysis
3 .NET Framework 4.6 Required if not installed automatically
4 SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB Required if not installed automatically
5 64-bit Processor with & Minimum 2 Cores Required
6 Minimum 8 GB Reserved Memory Required

1. Making sure you got the prerequisites, here we go from the start. Clicking the download link you have been sent will open the confirmation screen below.

2. Continue with double clicking on the downloaded application file.

3. Since the application hasn't been signed yet (we'll get there, soon), continue with the Install button.

4. Downloading will take no more than a few minutes depending highly on your network bandwith.

5. Continue with the Run button.

6. Enter your license key into the presented license screen and hit the Validate button. If your license key is valid you will be taken right into the splash screen and then the main screen of Enterprise Edition. Otherwise an error message will be shown.

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7. If everything goes well, the AttackFlow Enterprise Edition will be getting ready for the first time use. If you are already here you can move on to Using Enterprise Edition Page.

8. Beware: Follow these steps if you want to uninstall the Enterprise Edition. Open up Program and Features to locate the AttackFlow Enterprise Edition entry. Select it and press Uninstall/Change button appearing.

9. Select "Remove the application from this computer" option and proceed.