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Null Reference Exception

Null reference exceptions in a production environment always produce frustrations in customers and reflect back to developers as bug tickets



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Null reference exceptions occur when trying to dereference a reference which is null. In simpler terms it happens when trying to make an operation on a null value at runtime.

private void ToUpper(string fullName)
return fullName.ToUpperInvariant();


The above code in method ToUpper doesn’t check passed parameter fullName against null, therefore, at runtime there’s a possibility of throwing NullReferenceException.

While this scenario is easy to understand and mitigated, NullReferenceExceptions can be thrown in various types of scenarios. As an example;

return Person.Accounts[i].Transfers[k].DestinationAccount;


The above code dereferences a lot of properties and each one of them has the possibility to throw NullReferenceException.

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