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Attackflow Edition Edition is perfect for large-size companies aim to secure their Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
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Attackflow Enterprise Edition is a web application that is located as on-premise in companies to secure their script sized applications to enterprise level applications.

Enterprise Edition makes Static Application Security Testing (SAST) more adoptable with DEVOPS with its various tools like CLI and Devops/Jenkins extensions. It secures applications at every DEVOPS stage.

A key requirement in transitioning to a successful DevOps posture is security. In this growing DEVOPS world Attackflow creates a value for much more secure applications.

Repository Code Bases and DEVOPS Plugins

  •  Azure Devops Cloud
  •  Azure Devops On-Premise
  •  GIT
  •  Github
  •  Subversion (SVN)
  •  Bitbucket

Supported Languages

  •  C# (All .NET Frameworks)
  •  JAVA (All .NET Frameworks)
  •  Javascript/Typescript(Core JS/Node.js)
  •  C/C++
  •  PHP
  •  Kotlin
  •  Android
  •  Objective-C
  •  Swift
  •  Configuaration files
Enterprise Edition
  •  Unlimited Scans
  •  Main Languages Support
  •  Code Repository Integrations
  •  Audit Scan Results
  •  Vulnerability Knowledge Base
  •  Report Scan Results
    (PDF,HTML,CSV and WORD format)
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