AttackFlow Enterprise Edition

Enterprise edition is the standalone desktop solution of AttackFlow, where security auditing of target source code is easy, directing and fast.

Find Weaknesses In Your Code

Hackers are keen on finding and exploiting weaknesses in your software causing extreme financial, reputation loss.

Software is a complex piece of technology in the very heart of our lives from health to entertainment, from finance to connectivity. As the history incessantly reveals malicious intentions against services are not new and software open to whole Internet usage is not an exception. Software products are constant and increasing targets for activists, organized or unorganized hackers, script kiddies, bug hunters and even the governments. Watch how AttackFlow Enterprise Edition can help you identify weaknesses in your software before hackers do.

Looking for more details?

AttackFlow efficiently looks for hundreds of security findings in your code!

AttackFlow finds security flaws in JEE JSP/Servlet JEE Spring .NET MVC .NET WebForms Android

With its generic engine AttackFlow Enterprise Edition is able to scan various programming languages and frameworks.

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Why Do I Need Source Code Analysis?

The code is the heart of a software and will tell a lot when a hacker gets his hands on it.

There are various kinds of quality assurance security tests with corresponding importance, pros and cons attributed to them; penetration testing, static code analysis, manual code review, etc. A hacker won't hesitate analyzing the code and having complete coverage over penetration testing when the software is within his reach. Then, as a software owner, why would you not run security static code analysis on your own source code?

What Does AttackFlow Bring To Your Software Security Table?

AttackFlow in Nutshell

Repository TFS GIT File System SVN coming soon
Speed 15 minutes / 30KLoC @ 2 CPU, 16GB RAM
Coverage JEE JSP/Servlet JEE Spring .NET C# WebForms .NET C# MVC Android Objective-C Swift coming soon C/C++ coming soon PHP coming soon

Abundance of Security Findings

Custom tailored security findings increase the coverage of the security audits.

Taint flow analysis to configurational bugs, control flow analysis to quality issues AttackFlow supports over Hundreds of software security findings grouped in nine classes including but not limited to Authorization, Injection, Cryptography, Authentication and Code Quality.
Various popular programming languages and frameworks are supported including but not limited to JEE Spring, .NET MVC, Android.

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