Software Security Heroes Wanted

We are determined to build quality and sophisticated software security tools and services. Come and join us for working one of the most intriguing fields of computer science.

Location: Virtual

A software security analyst constantly stays on top of software weaknesses in different programming languages, researching and documenting the issues. Trying to find smart ways of identifying previously-could-not-automated software weaknesses in popular frameworks and languages.

Additionaly, writing and executing test cases for AttackFlow scan engine in various programming languages and frameworks.

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Location: West Coast, USA

Highly motivated coupled with dense collaboration powers with various stakeholders; customers, partners and internal AttackFlow teams. Finding and executing Proof of Value (PoV) programs, assessing outcomes of these programs and making recommendations.

Some experience in software security or eager to learn new things is a must to accomplish this challenging task.

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Location: Virtual

A software security intern learns vulnerabilities in software dealing with the code itself. Various documentation proof readings and quality assurance test cases are executed.

Additionally, rich and promising research areas are explored and documented.

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Software security is a challenging and thriving field of information security.

  • Career in evolving threat landscape
  • Thriving field of software security
  • %10 job growth yearly in IT security

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